Had a wonderful shoot last week showcasing the new designs from Daisy Alexandria Designs.
Daisy has been making jewlery for a while and has now teaming up with OLD HAT / MODERN MILLINERY creating one-of-a-kind kimonos and lace tops!
I’m in LOVE with this amazing bar necklace!! I’m going to be buying mine as soon as possible.
And this lace dress?! Come on!!
Gabtsy wanted in on the action, also!
Nothing says ‘fun’ like a Barbie shoe necklace! Yes!
Love these lace tops!
A GORGEOUS lace dress that any bride would look beautiful in on her wedding night!
This scarf adds a perfect pop of color to any outfit
There is never a wrong time to sparkle!
We always have fun during our sessions! And, how could you not while pool-side and wearing this amazing OLD HAT / MODERN MILLINERY hand made hat!?!
A beautiful kimono paired with braclets all available from Daisy Alexandria Designs
A beautiful heart lock and key necklace from Daisy Alexandria Designs
This kimono is gorgeous! Perfect for a spring day or summer cover up!
I love pops of color from jewelry!
 Beautiful lace tank and earrings!
Time to shine in this hand jewled top!
This necklace is fantastic! Pick it up before it goes, quick!
Daisy’s designs are one-of-a-kind from such an amazing woman who wants nothing but love for each and every one of us!

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