I am a part of a Facebook group for photographers in Tennessee called Looks Like Film. After having my engagement photos taken in December, my amazing photographer John Myers introduced me to the group. I’m so happy he did. To be in a community focused on helping each other and building each other up instead of competing and tearing one another down has been very refreshing.

There was an event that was posted for any TN photographer to come to Nashville for a meet-up at the Bicentennial Park where there would be models to photograph. I’ve never participated in something like this and was pretty intimidated. On location with multiple models – that I had never met – and multiple photographers – more that I hadn’t met than had. Instead of backing out, I made myself get out of my comfort zone and create!

It was such a wonderful experience and really brought out something inside of me that I truly believe was waiting to get out! Shooting on the fly, being aware of the other photographers (at one point I felt like a paparazzi lol) and not interrupting their vision, all while trying to connect with each model and photographing in my style yet trying new techniques was such a wonderful exercise. Was it hard at time? Sure. Was it an ideal way to shoot? Not for every day, no. But did I absolutely LOVE the images created, people I met, and the time I had? 100%!!

Here are three of the models that I had the honor of photographing. I’ll share the other three in follow up posts! Stay tuned!

Model: Taylor Hasse

Model: Krisgianna Woods

Model: Rachel Fox

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