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Glamour Portraits


 What thrilled me with this shoot was that we did it in Naomi’s backyard! It’s amazing how it can make you feel as if you’ve been transported to another place. We both craved a tropical vacation after looking through these photos, except she can have it any day at home! :). It also reminded me …

Senior Portraits


Livy and I had a lot of fun during this shoot. We talked and joked and really had a great time. But what was better than that was when I was showing her the photos and she thanked me for the time we had together and for “making her feel beautiful” I was so surprised to …

Senior Portraits

I have a Blog! Now what do I do?

I’m starting out on a huge journey. I created a photography, graphic design, and event planning business. I’m taking photos, designing logos and business cards, and creating events…and, thanks to my friend Jennifer, now I have a blog. Oh my! I’m excited to look back on this thing and see where I’ve come from. I’ll …