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Dance Glamour Portraits

Kristen’s Dance Portrait Session

Kristen is an amazing woman…a woman that inspires you and makes you feel amazing about yourself all while staying true to who you are. She is the owner of Studio Goddess: Pole & Aerial Fitness in Nashville, TN and I met her after taking my first aerial class…I was hooked – on aerial and her…LOL 🙂 …

featured Glamour Portraits

Kylie’s Glamour Session

Sometimes I’m really wordy about my photoshoots…and sometimes I’m just like ‘ok, don’t read my words because JUST LOOK!’ This morning I’ll keep it short and sweet and say that meeting and photographing Kylie was amazing. She came to my Nashville studio and we created magic in these gorgeous glamour portraits. She is an incredible …

Glamour Portraits

Anna’s 40th Birthday Session

This. Is. 40! Anna came to me with the request of a fun and silly 40th birthday session. I mean, why should one-year-olds be the only ones to have crowns, eat cake, and just goof off? We used my Donelson, TN studio to create some beautifully fun portraits for Anna’s celebration and enjoyed some amazing …