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Landscape Photography

Metal Prints

I am in love with metal prints! They are so beautiful and breathtaking in person. Colors are vibrant and stand out in a way that makes every image have that extra pop! All of my landscape images are available printed on metal at Sized at 11×14, 16×20, or 30×20 and mounted ready to be hung …


My first print competition!

It all started on a Sunday, a few weeks back, with a text from my boyfriend, ‘the deadline for the photography competition at the fair is this Tuesday – you should enter.’ I thought about that for the next two days, and on Tuesday I bit the bullet and entered four of my images into …


Behind The Scenes

Yesterday was dreamy! I can’t wait to share Daisy Alexandria Designs announcement photos (seriously I’m so excited and ready to shop!), as well as some fantasy photos I took of her. Thanks for helping me bring my crazy ideas to life. And thank you for all of your hard work Bessie May & Company & Morgan


A message…

I pray that this speaks to whoever reads it, be it informative or a message… A week and a half ago, my father had a massive heart attack and everything that I’ve heard and read is that he should not be here. I can’t seem to and am having trouble swallowing that…but instead I will …



Here are some images showing the process from straight out of the camera (SOOC) to removing distractions and then a final edit. I take pride in looking at every image’s details and removing anything that may be a distraction or doesn’t enhance an image.



I’m having such an amazing time in California. And, of course, I’m taking some photos while I’m here. 🙂 I stopped in Los Angeles last week and had Naomi brave the chili December ocean. We were able to capture some amazing images as well as some for a conceptual piece! I can’t wait to get …