I pray that this speaks to whoever reads it, be it informative or a message…
A week and a half ago, my father had a massive heart attack and everything that I’ve heard and read is that he should not be here. I can’t seem to and am having trouble swallowing that…but instead I will focus on the blessing that has come of this.
First of all he called 9-1-1, something that I without a doubt know he wouldn’t have done had my step mom not gone to a seminar on heart attacks, at work, a week prior and came home and told him about. To that, I thank God.
Everything that has happened has been a complete work of God. From a neighbor not being home (which he was going to talk to about his pain), him grabbing his phone as he was heading out to talk to his neighbor, a clear ER room (until minutes after he arrived when 9 ambulances came in), finding the blocked artery – the LAD was 100% blocked (they call this type of heart attack the ‘widow maker’ as less than 10% of people survive it) – and completely unblocking it, the doctors that are able to perform this surgery were all there and not operating, to all the many God stories that I have been a part of since arriving there last week (talking to my dad about something and then having someone out of the blue arrive and tell him God put it upon his heart to do the thing we were just talking about!)…and many more.
5 minutes. That’s what the doctors told him.
If he was 5 minutes later…later calling 9-1-1…later arriving…5 minutes.
I do not believe in coincidences, and this only strengthens it for me. I share this knowing that there are people out there who are struggling with pain from illness, disease, death, and more. I pray God comforts you and that you can see that through what is intended as harm, God can bring good (Romans 8:28).
If you are feeling chest pain, shortness of breath, pain in one (or both arms – or even backs as it is commonly found in women having a heart attack) CALL 9-1-1!! Truly, every minute counts!!
If you can, please say a prayer for him on his road to recovery (as well as my family).
Thank you, so so much.


I’m so thankful to God that my dad is still here…I struggle typing that (not being thankful to God but how scary that is to think otherwise). And, I’m so thankful I was able to come out and see you, laugh with you, help you, and just sit with you. I love you, daddy.

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