Sisters; a bond that is unexplainable yet totally understandable.

Lexi had just moved to Nashville and her sister, Maggie, was here visiting her. After growing up together, one can only imagine the feeling Maggie felt when her big sister moved out. So we wanted to do something special for them that they could keep.

We had such a fun time trying on dresses, laughing constantly (especially when trying not to smile lol), and having a great afternoon together. It was so special to be able to create these forever portraits for the two of them and their family.

After finishing this shoot it dawned on me how special it would be to surprise my own parents with pictures of me and my siblings together. A unique gift to give for both Mother’s and Father’s Day. How about you? Want to surprise your parent with a photo of you or you and your siblings? I’d love to talk to you and share what a beautiful and fun experience we will have producing those portraits!

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