When I first moved to Nashville, January 2015, it was smack in the middle of a very harsh winter.

Although it still gets cold in California, where I’m from, this was a particularly cold winter. But, I was excited to experience something new that I never had before: for full seasons.

Being from California and living in Las Vegas I hadn’t really experienced for full seasons before. It was usually hot and then cold. Hot and cold. Summer than winter. And then summer again. There of course were changes that came with that but nothing that compared to what I saw when I move down south.

I felt like a kid. Every time something new happened I looked to anyone who is near me and would tell them how beautiful something locked or how interesting something was or how neat it was. I knew that most of the other people that was something that they grew up with but since I hadn’t I was excited with every new thing.
This inspired me to create a project featuring the four seasons.

After securing models, I worked with Krystle Ramos, owner of Pura Vida Vintage Clothing and Accessories, to choose a dress for each season. Krystle has a wonderful eye and knew just what to pull for me to achieve each look I was going for.

Next, I scouted out locations. Some didn’t work out as planned, but weather can hinder some of that. We rolled with it and I’m still so happy with how everything turned out. We shot at the beautiful Twin Falls, found blooming trees around Donelson, a lumber mill provided a fall backdrop, and my backyard lent a winter wonderland during the snowfall we had.

Being the first time doing a project like this, I am so excited for how it all turned out, everything I learned, and for my next and other projects.
I hope you’ll follow me to see what I create next.


Model: Nicole Raupach
Dress by Pura Vida Vintage


Model: Emma Grace
Dress by 
Pura Vida Vintage


Model: Misty Carpenter
Dress by Pura Vida Vintage
Hair & Make-Up: Morgan Pentecost


Model: Mia Scott
Dress by Pura Vida Vintage


Thank you to all of the amazing ladies for your help, hard work, and everything you did to make my idea come to life!

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