This was the second year that I entered the TN State Fair Creative Arts Competition for Photography, and really the second¬†time I’ve submitted work to be judged on. I had entered a photo contest judge by other photographers one other time (the Shoot and Share contest), but that’s it to date.

I was excited to enter but at the same time a little anxious since last year all four of my entries had ribboned. As we walked around to find my prints, I couldn’t believe it. I placed in each one of my divisions! I was so thrilled…so stunned…just genuinely happy!

As my boyfriend, Patrick, and I started talking to two of the photography contest volunteers, they asked if I had entered and I explained that I had. We walked around and talked about the photos and they were excited to see I had ribboned. And I was told that receiving a ribbon for all four entries was pretty rare. I was left pretty speechless. Especially having done it the year before. (I don’t mention this to boast, but more because I felt honored.)

I’m still emotional over the entire experience.

I hope you enjoy the images I choose for the competition. Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear!

First place ribbon in the Portraiture – Black & White division.


First place ribbon in the Special Effects – Color division.


Third place in the Flower – Color division.


Honorable Mention in the Portraiture – Color division.

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