Yesterday, Nashville was hit with a huge snow storm…and, it was amazing!!
I don’t think anyone was expecting as much snow as we got. At my house, we got over 7″. Being from the desert of Bakersfield, CA and also living in Las Vegas, I did not see a lot of snow (hardly any). I always feel like such a kid when I do see snow, so to have the whole day filled with it was amazing!
All of these images were captured in my front and back yards as well as my neighborhood. We weren’t able to drive around town, like I would’ve liked to, but I’m pleased with what was around us in walking distance.
I can’t wait to get back out there today and capture some more!

1-22-16 Cardinal-3 CSP
1-22-16-2 1-22-16-3 1-22-16-4 1-22-16-5 1-22-16-6 1-22-16-7 1-22-16-8

All of these images are available for purchase here or click on the specific image you are interested in.

My boyfriend and I also created some fun steel wool images! The conditions were perfect to make these.
Steel Wool-1 copy Steel Wool-2 copy Steel Wool-3 copy Steel Wool-4 copy Steel Wool-5 copy

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