Photographing this graduating senior was a dream…but let me tell you it was not how we planned – and that was a blessing.

When I landed in Las Vegas, NV, I left the airport and went straight to Audrey’s house. Boy did I forget just how windy Las Vegas got! I’m talking winds that could pick you up and send you sailing! LOL Audrey, her mother, and I had planned on going to a nearby park for her senior portraits. Audrey just loves the outdoors and nature. What we discussed when I arrived is what our plan B was since the open park and super strong, non-stop wind was putting a damper on our session.

We decided to photograph Audrey at her home! My amazing hair & make-up stylist, Jocette Wilbanks, and I teamed up to get a few areas around the house ready to shoot in. We utilized a courtyard, living room, and right outside in her backyard. Although the wind still came through, it was strongly subsided by the walls and trees…but we were still able to provide that nature-feel and also bring some more personal touches in to her portraits, knowing that they are from her childhood home.

Audrey was so amazing to photograph. With young ladies like her graduating into our world, it gives me a lot of confidence and reassurance (ok, now I feel old…I just said that LOL – didn’t I just graduate high school, myself? HAHA)

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