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Conceptual Composite Senior Portraits

Hayden’s Senior Portrait Session

Senior portraits can be fun and a great time while you’re taking them! Hayden came to my studio in Nashville, TN for her photoshoot. We had a planned to create more traditional portraits as well as creative ones to showcase the career path she is choosing in special effects make-up. I loved that Hayden brought …

Conceptual Composite

It’s Halloween Season

I have always loved Halloween. Decorating, dressing up, and who doesn’t love some candy? Am I right? I had a fun session with a group of friends who wanted to celebrate Halloween, filled with costumes, wigs, fun make up, masks, and a lot of laughs. I love sessions like this and want to have more …

Conceptual Composite Self Portrait

The Tennessee State Fair

This was the second year that I entered the TN State Fair Creative Arts Competition for Photography, and really the second time I’ve submitted work to be judged on. I had entered a photo contest judge by other photographers one other time (the Shoot and Share contest), but that’s it to date. I was excited to …