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What’s New?

Hello! Welcome to Christy Dux Portraits – formally Christy Shaterian Photography. A lot has changed since the last blog post I posted. I had every intention of writing and sharing more, but sometimes life looks differently than you plan. I went back and forth once I got married on whether or not I would change …

Conceptual Composite Self Portrait

The Tennessee State Fair

This was the second year that I entered the TN State Fair Creative Arts Competition for Photography, and really the second time I’ve submitted work to be judged on. I had entered a photo contest judge by other photographers one other time (the Shoot and Share contest), but that’s it to date. I was excited to …

Self Portrait

52-Week Selfie Challenge – Week 4

Week 4!! This week has been a crazy busy one…I found myself being surprised that it was already Thursday and I hadn’t taken and published my selfie for the week. As I struggled with posting this one since I wasn’t “ready” I realized this is exactly the reason to publish it…This is me. First take, …