Hello! Welcome to Christy Dux Portraits – formally Christy Shaterian Photography.

A lot has changed since the last blog post I posted. I had every intention of writing and sharing more, but sometimes life looks differently than you plan.

I went back and forth once I got married on whether or not I would change my business name and as time went on, I knew that I needed to make the switch to not only reflect my married last name, but to showcase the genre of photography I focus on. Christy Dux Portraits was born out of that.

The core of Christy Dux Portraits is to use photography as our vessel to show women how amazing they are – transforming how they see themselves.

We will continue to create luxury portraits that you will adore and cherish, whether that be a glamour session with beautiful gowns, a dance session with flowing fabrics, a boudoir session celebrating you, or an elegant legacy maternity or motherhood session. Christy Dux Portraits promises to make photography into an experience that freezes time, and captures a woman’s personality, movement, and legacy in a print that is loved and passed on.

On a personal note, I have expanded my family from two to three! I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of November, 2019. I am so happy that I got in front of the camera during this time, despite not feeling well, being very uncomfortable, and truthfully not feeling my best self. The time (although felt like it was CREEPING by) was gone in the blink of an eye and having these portraits mean more to me than I could have ever known. I knew how to express to other woman that they were of value, but to personally feel ‘why’ has changed the way I view maternity portraits and the importance of them.

Self Portraits

In July, my husband and I welcomed a sweet baby boy. My delivery and recovery did not go “as planned” (more common than deliveries going as planned lol) and my ideal timeline of when I would come back to work was thrown out the window, but I’m happy to share that my passion and excitement to create beautiful portraits has only intensified and I look forward to hopefully photographing you!

Self Portraits

Thank you for your support (and for reading about me and my family).

If you are interested in booking a session with Christy Dux Portraits we would love to talk with you.
You can contact us here and we can set up a call or a meeting!
We can’t wait to photograph you!

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