Sarah had reached out to me after a referral from the UrbanGirls – Nashville Facebook Group. She had needed some updated professional, personal branding headshots.

It is not uncommon for the women I photograph to be nervous before the shoot. I still get nervous if I get in front of a camera. I do my very best to prepare every person I photograph before their session, but that doesn’t mean all of the nerves are magically gone. I knew Sarah was a little nervous before her session. She hadn’t had the best experience in the past, but after the first time I turned the camera around and showed her what I saw, what I had captured, everything changed!

We laughed…a lot!…and enjoyed a great day of pampering and photographing! Sarah later shared with me that she told her mom that every woman should experience this.

I couldn’t wait to schedule her reveal and for her to see the final portraits! I could see it in her eyes, just how happy she was with her photos. It doesn’t get old, and I hope it never does, when a client tells me they don’t know how they’re going to pick out their portraits. There’s always a great laugh and sometimes a joking “they’re mad at me” here and there. It fills my heart with joy, knowing that the trust someone puts in to me is delivered.

Hair & Make-Up: Emily Lombard

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