It was a marathon in every sense of the word…but it was a wonderful one!

I was approached from the CHUBB Insurance group to create headshots for their team while they were in Nashville for a company conference.  They would be here for three days and had a very packed schedule, so we had to be very organized and planned out to create a streamlined process.

I began to plan each of the three days, scheduling the employee’s portrait sessions. We wanted to make it as quick and seamless as possible so that everyone would only be away from their meetings or breakouts for a brief amount of time.

I sent out wardrobe assistance sheet for each of the employees as I wasn’t able to speak to them individually. I enjoyed hearing from multiple people how helpful it was for them to choose their outfits for the day.

With all of my sessions, connecting with my subject is important. Gaining the trust to draw out natural expressions and relaxed poses create images that are more comfortable and personal, more professional (if I’m photographing personal branding headshots), and less “forced”. I had a small amount of time with each person and worked hard to bring this out.

I’m so pleased with how everything went. I met and photographed some amazing people and I’m so happy our sessions went well and smooth…and we had a great time doing it!

Below are some of those portraits I took for the CHUBB Insurance group.

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