Last week, I was blessed to be able to take a week long cruise to the Western Caribbean with my boyfriend, Patrick. We stopped at Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, the Island of Roatan off of Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico, and Princess Cays in the Bahamas.

IMG_0119  IMG_0139

The top deck of the cruise ship and yes, I HAD to recreate the Titanic “pose.” 🙂

At Sea-27 CSP WebAfter leaving Ft. Lauderdale to cruise the sea to Grand Cayman, we saw this sunset from the deck. I love the clouds and colors and the open sea. It was peaceful and serene.

The flowers in the Grand Cayman were so bright and colorful! Every where you turned, there were pops of color!

Grand Cayman Morning Glory  Bougainvillea Flowers
Flowers like the morning glory and bougainvillea were all around.

Grand Color


We went to a huge sea turtle farm. We saw giant (and old) sea turtles and also young ones. Here I am holding a young sea turtle.

Churning Waves Two   Churning Waves
I loved sitting at the back of the ship and looking over to see the churning of the waves from the propellers. I was mesmerized by the lines and curves it produced.

IMG_0166Here is a view of the back of the ship…we spent time back here often, wouldn’t you?

Waters of Roatan
The waters of Roatan were warm and calm! Perfect for snorkeling!

IMG_0581Our guide pointing out a giant grouper! Do you see it? It was so camouflaged that I couldn’t see it until we looked back at this photo (and boy, do I LOVE this photo).

Roatan Double Hibiscus  Roatan Double Hibiscus
I was photographing this beautiful double hibiscus flower in Roatan when a hummingbird came to drink! What a sight to see.

IMG_0653Patrick captured a great candid moment as one of the back tires blew and our driver told us not to worry because “we’ll be ok with the other 3” – ummmmm…ok.

Roatan Leafs

Roatan Green Palm

The textures were eye catching!

Roatan Peacock   Roatan-101 copy

There were peacocks, iguanas, and spider monkeys around the beach. Also, a lot of chickens and “rabbits” (although they didn’t look like what we would call a rabbit).

Roatan-130 copy
I love how the iguana is “posing”. I didn’t even have to direct it 😉 Work it!

Roatan-103 copy

The monkeys were very friendly and wanted to eat anything you had…I tried to feed one, with permission from our guide, but freaked out a little when it got too close. It was funny! Maybe if there’s enough interest, I’ll post those photos – HAHA

No Cares in CozumelMost of our time in Cozumel, Mexico was spent here. Can you blame us?


IMG_0819  IMG_0818
We stayed at the B Hotel and took advantage of a beautiful day of more snorkeling!

Princess Cays Succulent  Princess Cays Hibiscus

Princess Cays Hibiscus  Princess Cays-5 copy
Princess Cays, Bahamas did not disappoint with the flowers, colors, people, and beaches!
(From left to right, a succulent, two types of hibiscus, and morning glories)

Bougainvillea Flowers in Princess Cays, Bahamas  Bougainvillea Flowers in Princess Cays, Bahamas
I loved these Bougainvillea flowers that seemed to cover the island.

Pathway to PeaceThis truly was a pathway to peace and paradise!

No Two Waves Are Alike

Catch It

Nature's LoveI am a lover of LOVE! And to see heart shapes naturally created is so exciting.
It’s like God is reminding us that He loves us.

Pure   Crash


I enjoyed sitting on the beach and watching the tides bring in hypnotizing waves. It was so peaceful and lovely.


Princess Cays-68 copy

Beauty Amongst the ThornsBeauty amongst the thorns.

Marbled Ocean


As I mentioned before, sitting in the back of the ship and peering over the edge was hypnotizing. I love the almost marble effect that the churning of the ocean created.


It really was a blessing to be able to go on this amazing adventure! I hope you enjoyed a recap through imagery of my trip.


I had to throw this in…the victor of a quick game of putt-putt! 😉

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*All GoPro images were taken by Patrick Dux

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