A little over a year ago, an amazing photographer from Nashville posted an image he created from this parking garage. I was so inspired and knew I wanted to shoot there…however it took way too long to get out there and do it.

I planned the model, the outfit, the date, the time…we were all set. The day came…and the timing was all wrong, the day was wrong, the weather…oh that Nashville indecisive weather…was all wrong. Instead of packing up, we drove around and I decided we’d go to the Parthenon and create some portraits there. I’m so happy we did because I love how they came out and want to go there again! The lines…the color…it was absolutely beautiful!

Fast forward a few more weeks, and we were back at the parking lot with perfect timing, the perfect day, perfect weather…everything was absolutely perfect to create the images I had envisioned. I am so pleased with how they turned out…ok, more than pleased – I LOVE THEM!!

Moral of my story – get out there and do it and if it’s not what you wanted the first time, don’t give up, create something in the moment and then go back out and try again!

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