Kristin wanted to do something special for her husband, Jon; surprise him with a maternity photography session. I was so thrilled that she asked me to be a part of this wonderful idea to celebrate the upcoming birth of their first child!

We planned the session out and, from the beginning, I knew this would be an amazing session. Kristin has such an amazing style both personally and in her Nashville home. We decided to utilize that to make the session more personal. I love being able to have sessions in people’s homes to tie in the time of life as well as coordinate with the decor once hung.

There was a request once our date became closer; to incorporate the couple’s dog, Duke. Duke had a health scare a week before our session. It always brings to perspective how valuable life is and, for that, we wanted to make sure that he was well represented in these portraits.

To hear how excited and overwhelmed Jon was to receive the images still brings tears to my eyes and gets me choked up. I can’t find the right words to explain the joy it brings me to create images that will be a part of people’s lives forever, or the feeling I get knowing that I have brought that joy to another person. I hope the images below help explain that feeling.

Thank you, Kristin, for trusting in me to capture this amazing moment of time in your and Jon’s lives.
I can’t wait to meet sweet Sutton!

Hair and Make up by the amazing Jossy at Trim in Nashville, TN.


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