I met Krystle a little over three years ago when a mutual friend of ours wanted to introduce us, Krystle owned a vintage clothing store in Hendersonville, TN and I was a photographer – sounds like a match made in heaven, right?! 🙂 We hit it off pretty quickly and after seeing each other at local events and friends’ houses, Krystle became more than just someone I worked with, she was a great friend. I always enjoyed working with her on shoots and appreciated the different looks she would pull for me when I “knew” what I wanted but not what I was looking for. She could always grab the perfect dress and accessories. Many times I would just say “YES!” as soon as she showed me something. If you remember my Seasons series, those dresses came from her store.

When Krystle first told me she was pregnant I was thrilled and excited, and then I was honored when she wanted to book a maternity session with me. She told me that she wanted an etherial, goddess, and editorial look with water involved, since her daughter would be named Ocean and the importance of the ocean for her and her husband, and we got to planning.

Not surprisingly, Krystle had the perfect dresses. The first, her mother-in-law’s wedding dress – vintage – 1977. It moved me to be able to photograph her in this dress, knowing how special it would be to her and her family.

Krystle also created a beautiful shell crown to wear for one of her looks. It looked perfect and tied in the ocean that she wanted to represent.

With a flowy dress and assistance from her other daughter and my hair and make up artist, we threw some fabric for some etherial portraits.

Finishing off the session, we created a milk bath with blue accents and lavender flowers as sweet Ocean’s room will have lavender colors to help decorate it.

We had a great time during the shoot and I loved working on each of her images. During her reveal, Krystle was so happy with how they came out that it truly brought tears to my eyes. My goal in each of my sessions is to show the true beauty that you are and I was elated to know that I had done that for her, as you can see she is truly a gorgeous woman and mother. I loved hearing her appreciation for herself and the photos. Knowing that this is such a special and beautiful time. I don’t have children myself, but with each session that I do, it makes me appreciate the amazing wonder of pregnancy…and what an honor it is to photograph this time.

A special thank you to Emily Lombard for her beautiful work doing Krystle’s hair and make up.

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