I was so happy when Brooke wanted to do a session “just for her.” Many times I have people ask me the question “why”…why they should do a shoot, why would they want photos printed of themselves…to which I always say “why not?”

Why not do a fun shoot that celebrates the time of life you are in? Why not pamper yourself with a professional hair and make-up artist, a guided photoshoot, and then a beautiful reveal box from Italy with printed portraits to cherish? Why not?

The reasons can be many. The person or people you’re doing it for doesn’t have to be someone else. The amazing thing about that is that the people close in your life will end up cherishing portraits of you anyways.

So, we did it! We spent a day in Las Vegas, NV and created different looks, different feels, different portraits that Brooke will cherish forever.

And, I hope this is a great reminder for you…that any reason is a good reason for a fun day! I hope that I can be a part of that.

Hair & Make-up by the incredible Jocette Wilbanks.

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