I am so excited to share what I’ve been working on the past few months.

With everything going on, I’m not able to have the sessions that provide the experience that Christy Dux Portraits is known for. So, I’ve been turning my photography focus on to what I could photograph (other than my, now, one year old son) and that was what was right outside. Flowers!

While I was sharing photos of flowers, I was so pleased to hear such amazing feedback from them and was honored when people wanted to purchase prints and hang them up in their homes. It also inspired me to change out my living room photo (which I will share in my stories later today).

I’ve created an online print store where you can purchase prints and wall art! I will be releasing a different collection each week, starting with the White Flower Collection, and hope that you can find something you love.

I want to bring my full service experience from my photo sessions into my print store. If you have any questions or needs, like what size you should get or what frame would look best in your space, I would be happy to help out!

I hope you enjoy what you see. I would be honored if you shared with your friends and family. And I am excited to release the Christy Dux Print Shop.

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