Let’s get back to it! It’s been a while and a lot is going on in the world as well as my world, so I’m working on blog posts to show the work I had done before I gave birth to my son.

I first met Rachael when my hair & make-up stylist, Emily, introduced us. Rachael was pregnant with her sweet little girl and wanted maternity photos. We had such a great time creating those that after she gave birth she wanted some Motherhood portraits! I was so happy to hear that, as I had become pregnant myself and the whole meaning of Legacy portraits had shifted for me.

I wanted to capture this fleeting time. Stop it in its tracks, because, let’s be honest, you blink and then they’re toddlers…teenagers…out of the house. (insert crying emojis here)

Behind the Scenes look at our Legacy Photoshoot
Video by Samantha Kate

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