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Corporate Fashion

Brentwood Lifestyle Magazine – May 2017

I have enjoyed working with both the Brentwood and Franklin Lifestyle magazines photographing people and places for different featured stories. I was asked to create covers highlighting different themed stories that would be featured in the May editions. Although I had one of my images used for the Franklin issue back in December, this was my first time having …

Conceptual Composite

Conceptual Composite: Trust – How I created it

When I was planning a headshot session for Daisy Alexandria Designs, I knew I wanted to create a beautiful dreamy art piece at this location, as well. Daisy had sent me quick photos of the location, but once I arrived and started working with the space, a new vision came to mind. I created “Trust” with …

Conceptual Composite

Conceptual Composite: Cover – How I created it

I set out to create the conceptual composite “Cover” while thinking of social media and the idea of judging people’s lives by what they post on social media. I want to show exactly how I created the image in Photoshop. I’ve included a video of my process in Photoshop as well as an overall look of how …