Here’s a look at how I created the image “Cover.”
I started with my slate image and added myself into it.  I posed a few different ways, but thought this one fit the most. I added some movement in my dress and hair from images I captured.
I added the sky to make the subject stand out more as well as desaturated the colors.
I took several photos of books, empty books, and papers flying around to extract those and add them back into the image.
With some curve adjustments and a boost from Alien Skin, I was able to have the final image I was looking to create.
It’s always comical looking at “me” in the images when I’m trying to create movement or capture an image of an object. These faces crack me up and I just had to composite them into one image and laugh at myself. Am I really sticking my tongue out (yes, I do that often) and what’s with me looking like I’m mad at the book?


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