There has always been a notion to “not judge a book by its cover.”
With social media being an even more constant in our lives, today, that notion is more important than ever.
I have wanted to create this image for a while, now. The thought of everyone’s “book covers” being so shiny and new and pretty, yet the inside having torn and damaged pages, or even being empty intrigued me.
I’ve battled with worrying what other people think of me for years. We think someone’s life is going one way because it’s what we see being posted on social media sites. It’s hard not to think that something is one way, when it doesn’t appear that way.
We post our accomplishments, our favorite foods, our crazy adventures, and laughable times so that we can remember the good, choose joy, focus on the love, and to share our times with friends. That doesn’t mean we don’t have tearful days, bad days, disappointing days…all-in-all bad days!
 Let us not forget that we are all human and are all struggling in one area or another. Let us not forget not to judge someone’s life based on what we see on social media, but let us pick up the phone and call one another, go over to each other’s homes, take trips together, have dinner together and learn of the lives we are seeing online in person!
Don’t hide your book because someone’s cover appears in better shape than yours. Don’t worry if your pages are torn or your cover is bent and barely hanging on. Don’t think someone has it all together because their cover appears shiny.
We are all in this together.

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